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Hoyu, which launched hair color in 1909, has been researching and developing hair color for over 100 years, and now more than 12% of all Hoyu Group employees are engaged in the research and development department.
The competition for new product development is intensifying every day due to the remarkable development of new technologies and materials, but based on the safety research that we have been working on since our founding, we make full use of the latest basic research and applied research. We are working to compare the obtained knowledge with market needs and reflect it in products of all generations and countries.
In addition, in order to further enhance basic research in hair science, life science, formulation technology, etc., we have dispatched researchers to various research institutes including universities, and the research results have been linked to many patents.
The basic research on safety cultivated in hair color contributes not only to the latest research on the quality of hair color products and hair color allergies, but also to the analysis of allergies such as food, and has recently been evaluated by medical societies. I am.

field of research

01 Basic technology research field To create future Hoyu products

We develop seeds from a long-term perspective and create products with new value. We also carry out joint research with various research institutes, including universities, and the research results are linked to many products and patents.

Hair dye science research

We are conducting basic research on hair coloring that is less burdensome on the scalp and hair by accumulating basic research targeting the coloring mechanism of dyes, which are important in hair coloring, and their permeability and interaction with hair.

Functional material research

We are conducting research on Hoyu 's unique hair care technology by grasping changes in hair that occur in daily life from micro and macro perspectives, accumulating basic research on structural changes and changes in physical properties.

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02 Product development research field The next required product into consideration

We develop products from both market needs and technological seeds to create products with high customer satisfaction. We are embodying ideas by developing products that are ahead of the times.

Hair color development research

There are many types and types of hair coloring products. Types include hair color, hair manicure, color treatments and temporary colorants, types include creams, emulsions, liquids, foams and powders, and each type and type also includes white hair, black hair, and men's. There are differences for women. We are always working on the optimum commercialization from the customer's point of view. For consumers who use it for themselves, it will not only be dyed beautifully, but for professionals handled by hairdressers, it will be the best professional tool to utilize the skills of hairdressers so that it can be used more easily and with peace of mind. , We are embodying the voices of various customers.

Hair care / hair cosmetics development research

We are developing hair cosmetics such as hair care products and styling products mainly for professionals. Based in Tokyo Lab, we are working with top salons in the Tokyo area and leading hairdressers to develop products that maximize the technology and value of hairdressers who are professional hairdressers and provide satisfaction to salon customers. is.

Packaging material development research

We design and evaluate containers and coating tools using 3D printers, etc., and develop safe and easy-to-use products for our customers.
In addition, in order to use the product correctly, the instruction manuals and labels incorporate a universal design perspective, making it easier for the elderly to read.

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03 Challenge to cutting-edge safety research and new field research Advanced technology research field

In 2016, we established the Innovation Center as a research promotion base in the field of allergies in order to deliver safer products. Through industry-academia-medicine collaboration, we are promoting further research on safety and research on allergy diagnosis technology.

Basic research on allergies

We are working on the development and basic research of diagnostic technology for hair color allergies so that you can enjoy hair color with peace of mind. With the aim of solving allergy problems including hair coloring, we are conducting clinical research centered on joint research with medical universities, as well as immediate allergy antigen analysis, research on development of testing and treatment methods, contact dermatitis, etc. We are promoting the establishment of testing and treatment methods for delayed-type allergies.

Life science and safety research

Utilizing the knowledge that we have focused on basic research on hair color safety for many years, we are working on basic research on scalp and skin and improving the accuracy of product safety evaluation.

New contributions in the field of food allergies

Using Proteomics' original technology that realizes high-performance protein analysis, we identify the causative antigen protein of type I allergy, mainly food allergies, in collaboration with industry and doctors, and identify the cause that could not be understood by conventional test methods. Contributes to improving the accuracy of allergy diagnosis. We aim to contribute to society by promoting further improvement of diagnostic technology in collaboration with medical institutions.

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04 For customers all over the world
Providing trusted products
Global development field

In order to maximize corporate value, we are building a competitive advantage by acquiring rights and utilizing intellectual property (patents, trademarks, etc.) such as technology and naming created through research and development activities. In addition to the market needs of each country, we also investigate legal information and deliver products suitable for each country, from the raw materials used to the labeling of product packages.

Intellectual property strategy

In the intellectual property department, the technology created by the research and development department and the product names named by the company department are capitalized as intellectual property (359 patent rights, 22 design rights, 2067 trademark rights, all 2021). As of 10/31). In order to promote the utilization of this intellectual property, we are building a cloud system and working to promote internal sharing. On the other hand, in order to carry out business activities while respecting the intellectual property rights of other companies, we carefully conduct intellectual property surveys before conducting the survey. In order to constantly foster a mindset that respects the intellectual property of our company and the intellectual property of other companies, we emphasize a reward system for employee inventions and intellectual property education.

Product development based on local needs of each country

In order to understand the culture, lifestyle, hair quality, etc. of each country, researchers themselves go to the site to visit customers' homes, conduct group-style discussion surveys, and include research institutes in the United States9. We work closely with staff from 12 bases in each country to develop products that satisfy each and every customer in each country. In recent years, we have also made effective use of remote surveys and incorporated surveys that are more accessible to each country.

Thorough local laws and regulations of each country

Hair care products, such as hair coloring agents, are regulated in most countries. In order to continue overseas business smoothly, we collect regulatory information of each country on a daily basis and confirm that the products we sell are suitable for each country. In addition, we are working to obtain information on law revisions as soon as possible so that we can respond in anticipation of future changes.

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R & D base

JapanR & D

General Research & Development Institute / Innovation Center

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JapanR & D

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