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Hoping to help people around the world live “ikiiki-wakuwaku (active and exciting)” lives

Our thoughts are based on the corporate slogan "COLOR YOUR HEART". By shining the appearance beauty such as hair color, luster, and texture, the inner beauty can be shined and the heart can be colored. By doing so, I would be happy if we could make the lives of our customers around the world a little more lively and exciting.

Since theour establishment in 1905, we have delivered high quality products that are safer and more user-friendly to many customers for over one hundred years. Our products have been used by not only customers in Japan, but also customers in more than seventy countries, including the nine countries where our overseas bases are located.

We believe there are a lotmany more inindividuals to which we can be of any help. We will continue to combine our knowledge and expertise to move forward toand help people all over the world live “ikiiki-wakuwaku” lives.

We look forward to your continued understanding and support in the future.

Yoshihiro Sasaki

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