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Introducing the history of Hoyu since its founding in 1905 (Meiji 38).

1905Meiji 38

Masujiro Mizuno founded MIZUNO KANKUDOU, the forerunner of Hoyu, to manufacture and sell home medical supplies.

Masujiro Mizuno

Masujiro Mizuno

1923Taisho 12

Established "Hoyu Shokai Co. Ltd."

Masujiro Mizuno was appointed as the first president

1927Showa 2

Opened Tokyo Branch (formerly Tokyo branch office)

1947Showa 22

Opened Osaka Branch (formerly Osaka branch office)

1948Showa 23


1952Showa 27

Opened Fukuoka Branch (formerly Moji Representative Office)

1954Showa 29

GENROKU exports to overseas (Thailand) for the first time after World War II

1959Showa 34

Kimpei Mizuno was appointed as the second president

2nd President Kinpei Mizuno

2nd President Kinpei Mizuno

1961Showa 36

Established "Nagakute Factory" (currently Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture)

1962Showa 37

Entering the hairdressing and beauty industry

1963Showa 38

Established "Trade Division" (currently Overseas Business Company)

Bigen(powder type) released overseas

1964Showa 39

Changed the company name to "Hoyu Co., Ltd."

Logo (1964-1972)

Logo (1964-1972)

Established "Cosmetology Department" (currently Professional Company)

1969Showa 44

Opened Sapporo Branch (formerly Sapporo Sales Office)

1972Showa 47

Changed the Logo of the company.

Logo (1972-2005)

Logo (1972-2005)

1973Showa 48

Opened Nagoya Branch (formerly Nagoya Sales Office)

Opened Hiroshima Branch (formerly Hiroshima Sales Office)

1976Showa 51

Established "Seto Factory" (Seto City, Aichi Prefecture)

1990Heisei 2

Partnership with world-renowned colorist "Daniel Galvin"

1995Heisei 7

A distribution center is added to the Seto factory.

1997Heisei 9

Shimpei Mizuno was appointed as the third president.

Shimpei Mizuno the third president

Shimpei Mizuno the third president

Kimpei Mizuno becomes chairman of the board

Opened Hoyu Technical Academy

1999Heisei 11

Established "UK Branch" in the United Kingdom as a sales and marketing base

1st Hair Coloring Splash Held

2001Heisei 13

Established "Sakuragaoka Factory" (Seto City, Aichi Prefecture)

Opened Hoyu Studio Tokyo

Established "Hoyu Cosmetics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd." in China (First time overseas factory)

2002Heisei 14

Opened Hoyu Studio Osaka

Completion of basic research building in Nagakute factory

2003Heisei 15

Established "Hoyu America Co., Ltd." in the United States

Established "Hoyu Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd." in Thailand as a manufacturing base

2004Heisei 16

Received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award for the achievements of the Hoyu Technical Academy. (Certified vocational training school)

Hoyu New Headquarters Building Completed (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)

Hoyu New Headquarters Building

Hoyu New Headquarters Building

Established "PT Hoyu Indonesia" in Indonesia as a sales and manufacturing base

2005Heisei 17

100th anniversary of founding

Changed the Logo of the company.

Hoyu logo mark

Established "Hoyu Singapore Pte Ltd." in Singapore as a sales base

Opend Hoyu Studio Sendai

2006Heisei 18

Established "Hoyu Korea Co., Ltd." in South Korea as a sales base

Opened Hoyu Studio Fukuoka

Business alliance with Asgen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

2007Heisei 19

Established "Hoyu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd." in Malaysia as a sales base

Established "Taiwan Hoyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd." in Taiwan as a sales base

Completion of new research building in Nagakute factory


2008Heisei 20

Established "Direct Business Division" as a mail order sales in Japan

2009Heisei 21

Acquired 60% of Kracie Group common stocks.

2011Heisei 23

Makio Mizuno was appointed as the 4th president.

4th President Makio Mizuno

4th President Makio Mizuno

Established "Hoyu Shanghai Corporation." in China as a sales base.

Established "Hoyu Cosmetics (Nederland) B.V." in the Netherlands as a European sales base

2012Heisei 24

Acquired remaining 40% of Kracie Group common stocks.

Established "Hoyu Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd." in Thailand as a sales base.

2013Heisei 25

Opened Hoyu Group Global Center "SAIYUKAN".

2014Heisei 26

Establishment of the 'Hoyu Science Foundation'.

2015Heisei 27

藤田医科大学(旧 藤田保健衛生大学)に寄附講座「アレルギー疾患対策医療学」設立


Opened "Innovation Center" as a basic research facility within General Research & Development Institute.

Innovation Center

Innovation Center

2017Heisei 29

Opened "Hoyu Professional Company Tokyo Office"

Opened "Tokyo Lab institute for general research"

2018Heisei 30

Kracie Holdings, Ltd. transferred all of the common stock to Hoyu Holdings, Ltd.

2020Reiwa 2

Established "Thailand Representative Office" in Thailand as a marketing base for South East Asia.

2022Reiwa 4

Yoshihiro Sasaki was appointed as the 5th president.
Makio Mizuno was appointed as the chairperson of the Company.

5th President Yoshihiro Sasaki

5th President Yoshihiro Sasaki

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