Business Field Our mission and values

Consumer business

Think from the perspective of each and every customer in the world and deliver color.

We are now actively distributing products in nearly 70 countries and regions around the world. These efforts are driven by the advanced techniques and business capabilities our domestic consumer and professional divisions have developed for hair coloring in Japan. Creating a place where you can interact with the needs of the times and the voices of customers is an important task for understanding the current state of the market in real time. We are actively involved in helping establish client stores and organizing our own events.

Professional business

Offering the best colors and techniques to hair salons.

Our products are loved by professionals around the world. Why? It’s our ceaseless commitment to product development. We develop products for professional-use to make the best use of their skills at salons actively. Partnering with world-renowned hair colorists further allows us to introduce ingenious haircoloring techniques actively. We understand how hair coloring is a mainstay of a salon’s business, so we support hair salons through products and services.

R & D

Creating effective techniques. Looking forward to a successful future.

Over the course of our history, we have developed an extensive variety of hair colors and provided them for a variety of users. Through these activities, we have aimed to be a leading company in the global hair color industry, and we are still growing steadily. Supporting this effort are the robust technological capabilities, we have provided our customers with hair coloring they can use with confidence. With sights set on the company's future, we are also beginning to challenge ourselves by entering new fields and developing new technologies. Exploiting our more than one hundred years of experience and knowledge as a specialized manufacturer, we strive yet further to discover the company's potential.

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